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Octopus Ventures, how to build a global portfolio support structure

Laura explains how Octopus Ventures structures its portfolio support team. She also covers which problems founders typically face while entering the US market. Additionally, Laura provides insights into how founder expectations of VCs differ in Europe compared to the United States. Read Interview.

Daisy, Head of Platform Support reveals the secret sauce to setting up a thriving portfolio community.

Daisy, reveals in an inspiring interview, the secret sauce to setting up a thriving portfolio community where members mutually benefit each other, and shares insights into how the Scout network has been of significant importance to Backed. Read interview.

Alven launches the first talent-sharing pool in France

In an inspiring interview with Christelle, Head of Platform at Alven VC, we discuss the platform role in helping their portfolio companies grow and scale. Read interview.

How Seedcamp developed a leading VC platform support strategy

Seedcamp has been one of the leading seed investors in Europe, with over 350 companies over the past years. Natasha, Platform Lead at Seedcamp, shares insights into how VC platform support evolved in the past, how Seedcamp companies support each other, and where she sees portfolio support going in the future. Read interview.